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  • Enhanced knowledge about pollution sources and processes in order to attenuate the impact of anthropogenic activities on water resources availability and quality;
  • Energy efficiency enhanced technologies for wastewater and seawater treatment for unconventional renewable water resource production.

Keywords: Environment, Environmental Modelling, Mitigation and Remediation

  • Development and validation of effective groundwater management;
  • Assessment of the impacts of intensive agriculture on groundwater quantity and quality;
  • Reduction of the overexploitation of groundwater and seawater intrusion. Optimization of groundwater demands Development of smart strategies for optimum use of groundwater, resulting in low risks of groundwater pollution and depletion;
  • Implementation of the geophysical solutions of water recharge and depletion;
  • Improvement of nonconventional water recharge options considering their quality assessments;
  • Reinforcement of the groundwater protection against the increasing anthropogenic and climate change effects;
  • Development of innovative monitoring tools;
  • Improvement of the groundwater modelling capability to assess and forecast quantitative and qualitative aquifer status;
  • Assessment of groundwater availability and pollution trends;
  • Reinforcement of earlywarning systems and real-time assessment of aquifer remediation;
  • Promotion of integrated groundwater planning considering the socioeconomic dimensions;
  • Implementation of tools and solutions for decision support on remediation strategies taking into account local and regional water governance constraints;
  • Ensuring the transferability and replicability of the concept considering the local and regional water governance constraints.


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